The cooperation of the tumor suppressor gene Dlc1 and the oncogene Kras in tumorigenesis

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Buse, Cordula
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This thesis investigated the cooperation of the Kras2 oncogene with the tumor suppressor gene Dlc1 in lung tumor development. Dlc1 is a negative regulator of RhoGTPase proteins, which are mainly involved in the regulation of the actin cytoskeleton and cell migration. We hypothesized that loss of Dlc1 expression leads to more aggressive tumors, which should also result in increased incidence of metastasis. All experiments were performed in mice containing a heterozygous oncogenic Kras allele and a heterozygous gene trapped Dlc1 allele (KD) and in mice only carrying the oncogenic Kras allele (K+). Throughout all experiments we have consistently found no significant differences between the two groups in terms of tumor burden (tumor numbers, sizes and areas), metastases or methylation patterns. These results suggest that heterozygous downregulation of Dlc1 is not enough to increase tumor formation and metastasis development in the Kras lung tumors.
lung cancer, mouse model, Kras, Dlc1, oncogene, tumor suppressor