Exploring professional identity in response to curriculum reform and professional development: the teaching life stories of chemistry teachers

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Peters, Gayle D.
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This study elicited data from chemistry teachers in Manitoba via a qualitative narrative inquiry study to reveal teachers’ perceptions of their evolving professional identities and teaching practices following the introduction of the latest chemistry curricula and participation in long-term professional development. This study also aimed to identify any tensions these teachers have experienced associated with their beliefs about teaching and learning and their current teaching practices as a result of the recent change in curricula and professional development. Teaching life stories constructed from the interview data revealed that these teachers have indeed experienced tensions regarding their beliefs and teaching practices, and that this has caused them to reflect more on their practice and strive to improve their practice. Though these teachers feel that they are starting to shift their beliefs and teaching practice to better support student understanding in chemistry, they still feel they have a long way to go.
curriculum, science