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    • Activity-based protein profiling of intraoperative serine hydrolase activities during cardiac surgery 

      Navarette, Mario; Ho, Julie; Dwivedi, Ravi; Choi, Nora; Ezzati, Peyman; Krokhin, Oleg; Spicer, Vic; Arora, Rakesh; Rigatto, Claudio; Wilkins, John (American Chemical Society Publications, 2018-09-07)
      The processes involved in the initiation of acute kidney injury (AKI) following cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) are thought to occur during the intraoperative period. Such a rapid development might indicate that some of the ...
    • New developments in transplant proteomics 

      Ho, Julie; Hirt-Minkowski, Patricia; Wilkins, John (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2017-05)
      Purpose of review: Despite modern immunosuppression, renal allograft rejection remains a major contributor to graft loss. Novel biomarkers may help improve posttransplant outcomes through the early detection and treatment ...