The food choice map as a diet assessment tool for older adults

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Einarson, Jillian
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Currently no ideal method for the assessment of dietary intake of individuals or groups exists. All diet assessment methods have their limitations; much debate exists as to which method is best. The goal is to design an assessment tool that is comprehensive in that it reflects dietary variety but that is not too burdensome for participants. The FCM integrates an interview tool with a computerized program that quantifies food and nutrients in real time. The present study was undertaken to determine if the FCM is appropriate to use with community living older adults. This exploratory study used a mixed method approach to determine differences in recall between the FCM and three 24 HRs. Quantitative findings show significant differences between the methods in reports of energy, zinc, and calcium intakes and consumption of “other” foods. Qualitative findings show that the abstract thinking required to complete the FCM may be difficult for this population.
Diet Assessment, Nutrition