Pulse consumption in Canada: analysis of pulse consumption in the Canadian Community Health Survey

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Mudryj, Adriana N.
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Pulses are nutrient dense foods that possess many beneficial effects. The purpose of this project was to examine the prevalence and effect of pulse consumption on nutrient intake in Canadian adults (≥ 19 y). Analysis was performed on data (N = 20,156) from the 2004 Canadian Community Health Survey (Cycle 2.2). Respondents were divided into groups based on pulse consumption and levels of intake and the association between nutrient intakes and pulse consumption was examined. Analysis revealed that thirteen percent of Canadians consumed pulses on any given day, and individuals with higher pulse intakes had higher intakes of macronutrients as well as enhanced micronutrient intake. Although pulses are generally low in sodium, its intake also was higher in pulse consumers. These data indicate that pulse consumption supports dietary advice that pulses be included in healthful diets. Further studies will be necessary so that dietary advice to increase consumption of pulses will maximize their nutritional benefits.
pulses, adults, nutrient intakes, CCHS 2.2