The life history of the Saskatoon sawfly, Hoplocampa halcyon Nort. The external anatomy of Hoplocampa halcyon Nort

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Bird, Ralph Durham
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While carrying out investigations on the insects attacking our cultivated and native fruits in the summer of 1924, it was found that the saskatoon (Amelancher spicata) was severely injured by small larvae that bored in the fruit. As the saskatoon is probably used as a preserve more than any other native fruit, with the exception of raspberry and as the sawfly might also attack cultivated fruits, that are being introduced, a study of its life history was undertaken in the summer of 1925.... This sawfly was originally described in 1861 by Norton as Selandria halcyon. In 1911 Rohwer transferred it to the genus Hoplocampa. This sawfly is probably found throughout the range of the saskatoon. Rohwer gives records from Canada; New York; Washington, D.C.; Clementon, N.J.; and Norton from Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Saskatchewan. It has been taken in Manitoba at Aweme, Douglas, Baldur, Birtle, Steep Rock, and Brandon. In Manitoba H. halcyon has been found attacking only Amelancher spicata. Norton says "Taken for successive years in Baltimore, by Mr. Uhler, on Amelancher canadensis." Konow also gives A. canadensis as a food plant...