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    • Force–velocity relationship in Paralympic powerlifting: two or multiple-point methods to determine a maximum repetition 

      Aidar, Felipe J.; Brito, Ciro J.; de Matos, Dihogo G.; de Oliveira, Levy A. S.; de Souza, Rapahel F.; de Almeida-Neto, Paulo F.; de Araújo Tinoco Cabral, Breno G.; Neiva, Henrique P.; Neto, Frederico R.; Reis, Victor M.; Marinho, Daniel A.; Marques, Mário C.; Clemente, Filipe M.; Nobari, Hadi (2022-08-24)
      Abstract Background Due to the absence of evidence in the literature on Paralympic Powerlifting the present study investigated various methods to assess bench press maximum ...