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    • Characteristics and outcome of the COEUR Canadian validation cohort for ovarian cancer biomarkers 

      Le Page, Cécile; Rahimi, Kurosh; Köbel, Martin; Tonin, Patricia N; Meunier, Liliane; Portelance, Lise; Bernard, Monique; Nelson, Brad H; Bernardini, Marcus Q; Bartlett, John M S; Bachvarov, Dimcho; Gotlieb, Walter H; Gilks, Blake; McAlpine, Jessica N; Nachtigal, Mark W; Piché, Alain; Watson, Peter H; Vanderhyden, Barbara; Huntsman, David G; Provencher, Diane M; Mes-Masson, Anne-Marie (2018-03-27)
      Abstract Background Ovarian carcinoma is the most lethal gynecological malignancy due to early dissemination and acquired resistance to platinum-based chemotherapy. Reliable ...