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    • The built environment and active transportation safety in children and youth: a study protocol 

      Hagel, Brent E; Macpherson, Alison; Howard, Andrew; Fuselli, Pamela; Cloutier, Marie-Soleil; Winters, Meghan; Richmond, Sarah A; Rothman, Linda; Belton, Kathy; Buliung, Ron; Emery, Carolyn A; Faulkner, Guy; Kennedy, Jacqueline; Ma, Tracey; Macarthur, Colin; McCormack, Gavin R.; Morrow, Greg; Nettel-Aguirre, Alberto; Owens, Liz; Pike, Ian; Russell, Kelly; Torres, Juan; Voaklander, Donald; Embree, Tania; Hubka, Tate (2019-06-11)
      Abstract Background Active transportation, such as walking and biking, is a healthy way for children to explore their environment and develop independence. However, children ...