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    • The Effect of Fuel Prices on the Driving Patterns of Older Adults 

      Sukhawathanakul, Paweena; Porter, Michelle M; Naglie, Gary; Marshall, Shawn; Rapoport, Mark J.; Tuokko, Holly; Vrkljan, Brenda; Gelinas, Isabelle; Mazer, Barbara; Bedard, Michel (Transportation Research Part F: Psychology and Behaviour, 2018)
      Examining environmental factors that influence older adults’ driving patterns has important implications for understanding factors that can lead to self-regulation and cessation. The current study explored the effect of ...
    • Seasonal and Weather Effects on Older Adults’ Driving Trip Distances 

      Smith, Glenys A.; Porter, Michelle M; Cull, Andrew W.; Mazer, Barbara; Myers, Anita M.; Naglie, Gary; Bedard, Michel; Tuokko, Holly A.; Vrkljan, Brenda H.; Gelinas, Isabelle; Marshall, Shawn C.; Rapoport, Mark J. (Canadian Journal on Aging, 2016-06)
      The purpose of this study was to determine if season or weather affected the objectively measured trip distances of older drivers (≥ 70 years n=279) at seven Canadian sites. During winter, for all trips taken, trip distance ...