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    • Antimicrobial use among adult inpatients at hospital sites within the Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program: 2009 to 2016 

      Rudnick, Wallis; Science, Michelle; Thirion, Daniel J G; Abdesselam, Kahina; Choi, Kelly B; Pelude, Linda; Amaratunga, Kanchana; Comeau, Jeannette L; Dalton, Bruce; Delport, Johan; Dhami, Rita; Embree, Joanne; Émond, Yannick; Evans, Gerald; Frenette, Charles; Fryters, Susan; German, Greg; Grant, Jennifer M; Happe, Jennifer; Katz, Kevin; Kibsey, Pamela; Kosar, Justin; Langley, Joanne M; Lee, Bonita E; Lefebvre, Marie-Astrid; Leis, Jerome A; McGeer, Allison; Neville, Heather L; Simor, Andrew; Slayter, Kathryn; Suh, Kathryn N; Tse-Chang, Alena; Weiss, Karl; Conly, John (2020-02-13)
      Abstract Background Antimicrobial resistance is a growing threat to the world’s ability to prevent and treat infections. Links between quantitative antibiotic use and the emergence of bacterial resistance are well documented. ...