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    • Quantifying the annual incidence and underestimation of seasonal influenza: A modelling approach 

      McCarthy, Zachary; Athar, Safia; Alavinejad, Mahnaz; Chow, Christopher; Moyles, Iain; Nah, Kyeongah; Kong, Jude D; Agrawal, Nishant; Jaber, Ahmed; Keane, Laura; Liu, Sam; Nahirniak, Myles; Jean, Danielle S; Romanescu, Razvan; Stockdale, Jessica; Seet, Bruce T; Coudeville, Laurent; Thommes, Edward; Taurel, Anne-Frieda; Lee, Jason; Shin, Thomas; Arino, Julien; Heffernan, Jane; Chit, Ayman; Wu, Jianhong (2020-07-10)
      Abstract Background Seasonal influenza poses a significant public health and economic burden, associated with the outcome of infection and resulting complications. The true burden of the disease is difficult to capture ...