A study of parents and their children with asthma

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Murdoch-Schon, Allison
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The purpose of this study was to examine relationships between and among demographic variables of both parents and their children with asthma; psychosocial variables of parents; as well as an outcome variable--the number of hospitalizations due to asthma. The data were collected by a mailed out questionnaire of a random stratified sample of 267 respondents of children with asthma (ages nine and under) on the mailing list of the Manitoba Lung Association. Relationships between the variables were examined using the chi-square test, level of significance selected at p $<$ 0.05. Demographic profiles of children in this study indicate a majority of children were males, ages six to nine years who had mild asthma for more than two years and were infrequently hospitalized. Demographics of respondents indicate that the majority of respondents were females, from an urban centre, reporting both higher income and education levels. The analyses of psychosocial variables indicate that respondents were highly knowledgeable about asthma, highly confident about managing asthma, and frequently utilized a variety of resources for information about asthma, mostly medical. The majority of statistically significant relationships were found between higher income and education level of respondents and more frequent use of medical resources, media and specific services available at the Manitoba Lung Association.