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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Nov-2006Adaptive fair subcarrier/rate allocation in multirate OFDMA networks: Radio link level queuing performance analysisNiyato, D; Hossain, E
31-May-2004Analysis of TCP performance under joint rate and power adaptation in cellular WCDMA networksHossain, E; Kim, DI; Bhargava, VK
30-Nov-2005An analytical approach to providing controllable differentiated quality of service in Web serversRashid, MM; Alfa, AS; Hossain, E; Maheswaran, M
31-Oct-2005Call admission control for QoS provisioning in 4G wireless networks: Issues and approachesNiyato, D; Hossain, E
31-Dec-2006Call-level and packet-level quality of service and user utility in rate-adaptive cellular CDMA networks: A queuing analysisNiyato, D; Hossain, E
30-Nov-2001A centralized TDMA-based scheme for fair bandwidth allocation in wireless IP networksHossain, E; Bhargava, VK
30-Apr-2006Channel-quality-based opportunistic scheduling with ARQ in multi-rate wireless networks: Modeling and analysisIssariyakul, T; Hossain, E
30-Nov-2006Delay statistics and throughput performance for multi-rate wireless networks under multiuser diversityLe, LB; Hossain, E; Alfa, AS
31-Jan-2003Downlink joint rate and power allocation in cellular multirate WCDMA systemsKim, DI; Hossain, E; Bhargava, VK
30-Sep-2003Dynamic random access code assignment for prioritized packet data transmission in WCDMA networksKim, DI; Hossain, E; Bhargava, VK
31-Jan-2004Dynamic rate adaptation and integrated rate and error control in cellular WCDMA networksKim, DI; Hossain, E; Bhargava, VK
28-Feb-2003Dynamic rate adaptation based on multidimensional multicode DS-CDMA in cellular wireless networksKim, DI; Hossain, E; Bhargava, VK
30-Sep-2005Dynamic rate and power adaptation for forward link transmission using high-order modulation and multicode formats in cellular WCDMA networksKim, DI; Hossain, E; Bhargava, VK
30-Sep-2004Dynamic rate and power adaptation for provisioning class-based QoS in cellular multirate WCDMA systemsKim, DI; Hossain, E; Bhargava, VK
30-Sep-2006End-to-end batch transmission in a multihop and multirate wireless network: Latency, reliability, and throughput analysisIssariyakul, T; Hossain, E; Alfa, AS
29-Feb-2004Link-level traffic scheduling for providing predictive QoS in wireless multimedia networksHossain, E; Bhargava, VK
31-May-2005On adaptive hybrid error control in wireless networks using reed-solomon codesYang, CQ; Hossain, E; Bhargava, VK
30-Nov-2005ORCA-MRT: An optimization-based approach for fair scheduling in multirate TDMA wireless networksIssariyakul, T; Hossain, E
30-Jun-2006QoS and energy trade off in distributed energy-limited mesh/relay networks: A queuing analysisFallahi, A; Hossain, E; Alfa, AS
30-Jun-2006Queue-aware uplink bandwidth allocation and rate control for polling service in IEEE 802.16 broadband wireless networksNiyato, D; Hossain, E
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23
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